Interesting Vancouver

Interesting Vancouver: November 7

I’m going to be one of several folks on stage on November 7 at Interesting Vancouver. Check out this lineup:

  • A seven foot tall drag queen obsessed with bingo
  • An indigenous multidisciplinary artist working to reverse the decline of Squamish language speakers
  • A soft-spoken senior with a passion for photographing punk rock shows
  • A 14 year old national champion YoYo-er
  • A speech writer and communications specialist who is a closet cartoonist
  • A composer who heals people through improvised music as they lay under his pian
  • A mechanical engineer turned clown who has the balls to live a professional life of PLAY!
  • A genderqueer youth who dabbles; from roller derby to making ukuleles to transforming t-shirts
  • Canada’s first Sikh commanding officer who passionately believes in the ripple effect
  • An engineer who went from making microscopic brain implants to two story tall racing robots
  • A popular film and TV actress who credits Vipassana meditation for saving her life
  • A paramedic/magician/artist who will change your life before you leave the room

Come on out! Tickets are just $25, and with folks like these, you can expect to surpass interesting and hit downright fascinating.

SFU Woodward’s
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
149 W Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1H4
Friday, November 7, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM (PST)


Throwback Thursday: my first site

Step into this handy-dandy time machine, set to nearly two decades in the past. Courtesy of, behold the anachronistic glory that is my first website, hosted on

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If memory serves (and there’s no guarantee that it does), I built this in 1995 using the HotDog HTML editor, with a big boost from a ZDNet introductory book on HTML which I bought at a Victoria Freenet conference… did I just hit some kind of tech nostalgia trifecta?