Nancy Duarte’s Resonate is free on iBooks

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This is worth a heartfelt OMG: Nancy Duarte’s Resonate is now available as a free download from iBooks. You need an iPad or a Mac to use this version, but it has all sorts of interactive goodness and bonus material, including lots of video.

I’ve gone on about Resonate at length before, but to recap: if you write or deliver speeches and presentations, it’s absolutely invaluable. (And if you don’t have an iPad or Mac, you can always buy it minus the supplementary content.)

Go get it!

Resonate by Nancy Duarte

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So now I’m a meme.

There’s a lot I love about the web. And as passionate as I am about attribution and misappropriation, I’m still kind of smitten by the way an image can take on a life of its own.

Case in point: Back in 2007, my laptop was stolen. Mainly as catharsis, I posted these selfies from the webcam of the replacement computer: The five stages of grieving for your stolen MacBook. Continue reading

Trained canine driver on closed course. Do not attempt.

Back when my grandmother was a stringer for the Toronto Star, she sold them a story about a Northern Ontario family that had trained a groundhog to pull a little sled behind it.

Here’s the YouTube era’s version of that story, as told to promote the Aukland, New Zealand SPCA‘s dog adoption program.

With well over 10,000,000 views, it’s blown up since it was posted a little under a year ago. But as Beth Kanter and Katie Paine will tell you, what really matters for your organization is whether it yields results — in this case, more adoptions.

Which is why they had me draw this cartoon for their book Measuring the Networked Nonprofit… which shows you exactly how to tell whether your online efforts are yielding bottom-line, tangible positive change.

Cartoon about YouTube and cat adoptions

I find your lack of file disturbing.

Darth Vader MIMOBOTJust sent this to the folks at Mimoco, makers the MIMOBOT flash drive:

Hi, lovely MIMOBOT people!

I just picked up the 8 GB Series 4 Darth Vader flash drive for my daughter. It’s her first flash drive (and the first time I’ve ever seen one show up on a list of school supplies).

Everything is fine with it, except it seems to be empty; there was no zipped file of digital extras, which I was going to use to deck out her computer desktop.

My current theory is that the Series 2 Princess Leia MIMOBOT stole the file and hid it on the R2D2 MIMOBOT. But if you happen to have a copy handy that I could download, you can save everyone a trip to Tatooine, for which we’d be grateful. (With all due respect to the Tatooine Chamber of Commerce, if there’s a bright center to the universe, Tatooine’s the planet that it’s farthest from.)

Many thanks,

Here’s the best thing: I sent it with the subject line “I find your lack of digital extras disturbing.” Little Sweetie countered with “I find your lack of file disturbing.”

And she’s right. It’s better.

I just got copy-edited by a 9-year-old.