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So now I’m a meme.

There’s a lot I love about the web. And as passionate as I am about attribution and misappropriation, I’m still kind of smitten by the way an image can take on a life of its own.

Case in point: Back in 2007, my laptop was stolen. Mainly as catharsis, I posted these selfies from the webcam of the replacement computer: The five stages of grieving for your stolen MacBook. Continue reading

Tweet your darlingsHaving reviewed my posts over the last several years, I’ve realized that they’re almost entirely made up of darlings. In fact, if you check the source code, you’ll see I make liberal use of the little-known <darling> tag.

(By the way, a lot of folks attribute this quotation to William Faulkner. But the evidence indicates it actually originated with Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. And while we’re at it, Gandhi probably never said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” )


Tod Maffin has a free webinar on Facebook marketing – tomorrow!

Free up your schedules, cancel your appointments and hold your calls starting 11 am Pacific tomorrow: Tod Maffin is holding a free webinar on Facebook marketing. Here’s the agenda:

  • How to advertise on Facebook — even without a penny in your budget
  • The formula to determining what posts to “boost”
  • What the “perfect” Facebook ad looks like
  • My best three secret Facebook advertising tricks to extend your PPC budget
  • How to bypass Edgerank and get nearly all your fans to see your posts
  • The magic “retargeting” tactic that drives up visits and conversions
  • Get more Facebook Likes, Twitter Follows, and YouTube Subscribes

Tod’s one of the best presenters and trainers I’ve encountered, and this promises to be well worth your while.

Tod Maffin webinar

Life Cycle of a Dumb Tweet


For whatever reason – not enough food with the wine at dinner, a coup d’état in the brain where the amygdala seizes control, or just a moment of weakness – someone in a position of prominence and authority posts a Dumb Tweet.
man chuckling as he types Continue reading

Social Speech Podcast, Episode 9: JD Lasica

When you want solid advice on social media, backed up by years of experience with both non-profits and businesses, you go to JD Lasica.

And so did I, for a half-hour conversation that touched on everything from why letting your audience see your slides in advance may not be a bad idea, to how speaking and community-building go hand-in-hand.

Listen to JD, then explore these links for some terrific resources:

Social Speech Podcast, Episode 5: Ian Griffin

With this episode, we flip the mic (metaphorically) and talk with someone who’s a lot more used to writing speeches than delivering them. That’s not to say Ian Griffin isn’t at home behind a podium; he’s an accomplished speaker and a skilled communicator.

If you’re in the tech industry, you’ve probably heard his words; Ian has worked in executive communications at Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Sun Microsystems. He’s also incredibly generous with his time and expertise, as many Silicon Valley communicators who’ve attended one of his presentations can tell you.

In this interview, he asks why we put so much effort into creating a speech, and then fail to do that little extra bit that can help it reach far more people… and he offers lots of ideas for what that little extra bit can be.