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Cartoon-blogging Cory Doctorow and William Gibson

Here are my notes from Saturday’s event with Cory Doctorow in conversation with William Gibson. (I attended with Dave Eaves, which meant I got to experience two terrific conversations that afternoon.) The hour and a half ranged over everything from the First-World problems of book tours to American gun culture — and of course intellectual property and those who use it to stifle the exchange of ideas and creativity.

The full-size version is 1,600 glorious pixels wide. Just click this smaller one to see the whole thing:

Sketchnotes from Cory Doctorow and William Gibson in conversation at the Vancouver Writers Festival

Quick footnotes:

  1. Many thanks to the Vancouver Writers Fest, one of the great things about living in this city.
  2. Leading with big faces is a bold move for a man who can’t actually caricature. Any resemblance to the actual individuals is purely fortuitous.
  3. July 1982: I bought a copy of Omni Magazine and read “Burning Chrome,” and I don’t think I’ve really recovered from it, nor do I want to. Thirty years ago.
  4. Cory Doctorow’s latest book is Pirate Cinema, and it’s part of the amazing Humble Bundle of e-books. It’s a staggering good value. I’m off to buy it.

Cartoon-blogging at Google Engage Vancouver

Google Engage for Agencies came to Canada a year ago, training agencies in AdWords and other Google products so they can then offer those products to their clients. Yesterday Google celebrated the program’s first Canuck birthday with a four-city conference, connected by Google Hangout, looking at marketing trends facing digital agencies and their clients.

Speakers included the host, Google’s Deepak Anand, and local digital mavens Doug Jasinski of Skunkworks, Chris Breikss of 6S Marketing, and Nasser Sahlool of DAC Group.

My iPad and stylus were there, too. Here are my notes:

Google Engage cartoon-blog notes

Cartoon-blogging at NTC 2012

It was another great Nonprofit Technology Conference, my second in San Francisco… and my second cartoon-blogging outing for my friends at NTEN.

This time around, the good folks at Rally – a social fundraising platform, and the folks behind a very cool workspace – sponsored the graphic recording effort.

Which meant there were not one but two pens flying during various keynotes and breakout sessions. My colleague was the amazing Kate Rutter, who manages to combine detail, structure and composition in ways that amaze me. You can see the results of our work here.

I’m pulling together the last of my cartoon-blog images, and I’ll post them here soon. But in the meantime, here are the cartoons I drew from the floor of the conference. They include my notes from the session on social media policy, led by Idealware’s Andrea Berry and Darim’s Lisa Colton and centered around their free social media policy workbook.

Cartoon-blogging at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in DC

I’ll be heading to sunny (if the forecasts are correct) Washington, DC later this week to toonblog the Nonprofit Technology Conference. It’s an annual gathering of nonprofit tech practitioners who work with organizations large and small. I’ve been to previous NTCs in Seattle and San Francisco, and they were terrific.

I’m especially looking forward to toonblogging the session Beth Kanter is convening, I Found My Free Agent, Now What? That’s partly because Beth’s a good friend, a genuine expert and a fantastic facilitator, and partly because my mandate is to whip off cartoons as fast as humanly possible.

This will be only my third time in DC. I love it there; for a politics junkie, this is Disneyland. (They even have a 1:1 scale model of the White House!) If you’re coming to NTC too, please look me up. And if not, you can follow it on #11ntc on Twitter.

Vegas, bébé

In a few short hours, I’ll touch down in Las Vegas, New Mexico, armed only with my iPad, stylus, two sketchbooks, pencil, five Pigma Micron markers, a Cintiq, a digital SLR and a MacBook Pro. I travel light, my friend.

The destination: BlogWorld, the planet’s (and, as far as we know, the entire universe’s) largest new media gathering. I’m their official cartoon-blogger, or toonblogger. Heading from session to session, keynote to keynote, glittering nightclub to glittering nightclub, I’ll be capturing moments and whipping up cartoons. You can follow them on the BlogWorld blog.

In case you’re interested, here’s a quick video clip of what I’m bringing with me (thanks, free YVR broadband!).

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Northern Voice: Rachel Smith on graphic recording on the iPad

Graphic recording has long held a certain fascination for me: the idea of capturing the ideas and emotions of a speech, workshop or meeting on paper, as the event progresses. (Nancy White‘s graphic record of my Northern Voice keynote last year remains one of my happiest public speaking experiences.)
Rachel Smith of the New Media Consortium delivered a quick but info-packed presentation at MooseCamp on graphical recording on the iPad – which is a pretty good answer to the question “If Rob could attend any conceivable session at Northern Voice, what would it be about?” She’s one of the leading lights in the field, and she’s understandably jazzed about the iPad’s potential.
Unlike me, she doesn’t use a stylus; because she works in so many colours, it’s inconvenient to have to put it down, swipe to bring up a colour chooser, and pick it up again.
Here are my notes – drawn, naturally, on an iPad. (The resources I noted from her and Nancy are The Grove Consultants, Nancy Marguiles and the term “digital scribing” – Rachel suggested Googling it would produce much win.)